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Bath Fan Ventilation

Did you know that poor quality or improperly installed fans can cause moisture build up in your home. This can be damaging to your home and to your health as it causes mold and mildew. It is important to ensure you have proper venting venting in your bathroom. Check to make sure your fan has a duct leading outside.

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Is the Aluminum Wiring in your Home Safe?

As the price of copper increased drastically in the 1960s a cheaper alternative was found for wiring homes. Aluminium was cheaper but not as safe as copper wiring. Aluminum wiring is soft and can develop small cracks if the wire is bent making the wire a fire hazard.

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Is your Home Protected From Serious Power Surges?

A surge happens when a high amount of unwanted electrical energy transfers through the electrical systems. The standard voltage running through your home is 120 volts, momentary voltage spikes above 120 volts cause an inverse rise in current. These currents interfere with and can even damage electronics and appliances. Even small surges over time which often go unnoticed can cause damage.

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Carbon Monoxide in your Home

Many homes are now built sealed tight saving you money on utilities especially during cold winters in Calgary. This is great but something to be aware of is negative air pressure in your home. Negative air pressure occurs when the pressure inside your home is lower than the pressure outside your home. The cause of this issue can be your kitchen hood fan.

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Why is it Important to Pull an Electrical Permit?

A permit protects the home owner and ensures due diligence on behalf of all parties involved on the construction project. It is the responsibility of the trade worker / contractor to pull a permit before any work begins on a job. A permit helps keep the electrical in your home up to code.

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Changes to Code

2018 Electrical Code changes have been adopted by the municipality of Calgary. This will be in effect for 3 years until the code is adapted again. The changes to code are put into place to help make the installations of electrical wiring safer. Our electricians have taken the course to learn the new code so they can stay current and certified in the work that they do, helping to make your homes even safer.

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