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How to Protect Against Power Surge

A power surge is an increase in either voltage or current which is over the amount your homes electrical system was designed for.  A power surge can damage your appliances. So what is the best way to protect against surges? First there are three different types of surges. 

Destructive surges are the most common ones we hear of. These occur outside your home and enter though the main panel.  These can instantly damage your appliances and electronics. Dissipative surges are smaller and do not cause instant damage but can shorten the life of your electronics and appliances.  Disruptive surges enter your electronics and cause issues such as unwanted behavior. These surges come from within your home when you have two different types of equipment on the same breaker. Since there are different types of surges there are different types of surge protectors. It is not always necessary to have all three but it helps to know how they all work together. 

Service entrance surge protectors are installed before your main panel breaker.  These protect against destructive surges but smaller disruptive surges can pass through.  Whole home surge protectors are similar to the service entrance protectors but are more cost effective to install. These also protect against larger and smaller surges.  Receptacle surge protectors are simple and cost efficient. These reduce the impact of the surge but do not provide totally protection. 

If you are concerned about power surges Real Canadian Electric is able to install a whole home surge protector for you.