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Outdoor Plugs in Cold Weather.

With this cold spell in Calgary outdoor plugs are a necessity if you want a better chance of your vehicle starting.  You will want to make sure your outdoor plugs are in proper working condition. Sometimes we forget about our outdoor plugs but they can be just as prone to electrical problems if not more so.  Outdoor plugs should be GFCI outlets. GFCI plugs are designed to protect people from electrical shocks as they detect any leaks in the current and will then shut off the power.  Your outlet should also be rated for outdoor use. The small addition of a cover to your outlet can save you a lot of hassle. With a cover snow, ice, rain can cause many issues especially in freezing cold temperatures.. A cover will help ensure your outlets works throughout the cold winters. If your outdoor plugs are not GFCI or rated for outdoor use they should be changed out for the safety of your home and family.