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Why is it Important to Pull an Electrical Permit?

 A permit protects the home owner and ensures due diligence on behalf of all parties involved on the construction project. It is the responsibility of the trade worker / contractor to pull a permit before any work begins on a job. A permit helps keep the electrical in your home up to code.

 The Canadian Electrical Code "CEC" outlines the many laws regarding safe electrical installations. These laws are implemented and governed by the municipality; ie City of Calgary & electrical inspections department.  Permits notify the city inspection authority of the proposed changes to a home or business. Upon completion of each phase of a project the inspector will come and look over the work. The inspector determines if work is acceptable to meet CEC requirement. The worker is then notified if any necessary changes are needed, before the work is concealed or is continued. When the job is done and has passed inspection a sticker is placed on the electrical panel. The city then updates their records and closes the permit.