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Is your Home Protected From Serious Power Surges?

What is a surge?

A surge happens when a high amount of unwanted electrical energy transfers through the electrical systems. The standard voltage running through your home is 120 volts, momentary voltage spikes above 120 volts cause an inverse rise in current. These currents interfere with and can even damage electronics and appliances. Even small surges over time which often go unnoticed can cause damage. 

 What causes a power surge?

Power surges come from both internal or external sources.  Some sources from outside your home  are  utility distribution errors, lightning strikes or power outages. Some sources from inside your home are motors such as a refrigerator turning on or off. If you own a hot tub or air conditioning your home is also more susceptible to surges.

 What can I do?

You can protect your electronics and appliances by having a qualified electrician install a surge protector to your electrical panel. A surge protector limits the voltage that can enter your panel, it blocks or shorts the current keeping it at a safe voltage.