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Safety Inspections


Complimentary Safety Assessment

We go the extra mile by making sure your home is safe and comfortable with our Electrical Safety Check. Any time we come to your home we will do a complimentary safety assessment. If we find any concerns we can provide options to help fix them.

Home Inspection Reports

Concerned about the safety of your home? 

We will check all your receptacles to insure they are properly connected. We will inspect your electrical panel and pin point and label all of the circuits. We will check for overloading of circuits or wiring. We can check for burning or corrosion within your panel. We can check all your safety devices to make sure they are working properly. We can make recommendations and provide options if repairs are needed. Sometimes a minor repair can prevent major repairs down the road.  

We also offer inspections of aluminum wiring. Did you know that many insurance companies no longer insure aluminum wiring? It is recommended that you complete an inspection to ensure the aluminum is safe. We can provide a letter to your insurance company stating that your aluminum wiring is free of fire hazards. 

Buying or selling you house?

If you hired another contractor and they did not pull permits we are able to inspect and pull permits for the wiring so that you can sell your house with ease. If you are buying a house and are concerned whether the previous owners hired certified electricians we can complete an inspection of the home. 

Prevent Fire

Smoke detection is a necessary part of your home safety system, but should be a last line of defense. Preventing fire involves routine maintenance of your electrical panel and home wiring. Improperly installed breakers or outlets can short out, resulting in sparks or burning. 

We can make sure your smoke detectors in your home are working properly. Did you know that modern detectors can also detect carbon monoxide gas? If your smoke alarm sounds, call the fire department and leave your home until they say it is safe to return. Protect your family with a free smoke detector test and complimentary safety assessment from Real Canadian Electric.