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Switches & Outlets

Worn or Broken
Are your outlets and switches worn out or broken? When you plug something into your outlets do they fall out or are loose? Do you sometimes lose power to your appliances or electronics? You will be impressed at how well new receptacles function compared to your old ones. New outlets have the added benefit of built in childproofing and keep your plugs held snuggly in place. 
Time for a New Look?
Want to update your home? Replacing the swtiches and outlets can really freshen up the look of yor home. Wanting to become move in ready? We offer different colours and style options of outlets and switches. 

Aluminum Wiring

We can replace your old aluminum wiring to make your home safer. We can assess the condition of your aluminum wiring through one of our safely inspections

Did you know that not all switches are made the same? Today's switches are only intended for use with copper wiring.

Installing these switches onto aluminum wiring can create a fire hazard. To proplerly install new devices onto aluminum wiring one must first repair the aluminum with a method called pigtailing.

2 Prong Outlets

Ungrounded wiring was used in older homes and can make it difficult to plug-in. Did you also know that without a ground wire there is an increased risk of shock and fire hazards? Don't worry we can help.